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West London Composting - How we process Compost

Effectively handling household waste disposal

Effective household waste disposal is without doubt an area of great concern to local authorities up and down the country. We unfortunately cannot control the fact that waste is created but we can influence how much waste is produced, how this waste is dealt with and where this waste eventually ends up. Waste and recycling problems therefore make up one of the greatest areas of concern to every discerning municipality and local authority in the UK. Among many of today’s available waste and recycling solutions is that of the effective handling and subsequent disposal of household green garden and food waste. Via competent composting facilities, these waste streams, derived from ordinary garden and household food waste disposal, can be efficiently recycled, resulting in a series of social, economic and environmental benefits.

Recycling centres equipped to satisfy demand

Whilst local incentive schemes and educational programs are doing their best to help minimis e waste produced by local residents, there continues to be a need for more and more recycling centres that are capable of coping with the more and more r ubbish, which is still being produced and requires recycling. Re-use of goods and materials that would otherwise have ended up in landfill, is the most logical solution. Finding ideas to recycle or recreate this rubbish into potentially valuable products is the way forward. This is where West London Composting (WLC) can help by providing clean and efficient solutions to the problem of garden and household food waste disposal.

WLC is one of the leading in vessel recycling centres. The company has been cleanly and resourcefully composting household produced kitchen and green garden waste for a number of years now. WLC’s state of the art in vessel composting system, is designed to help with the speedy manufacture of compost, whilst undergoing diligent and regular monitoring to ensure the entire process strictly adheres to government regulations.

A smart way to i ncrease recycling

Green waste composting is an absolutely necessary step in the long process of cutting down on the use of today’s rapidly depleting landfill site, as well as helping reduce the ever ominous carbon footprint. One method of encouraging householders to increase their individual waste and recycling efforts is that of local authority run kerbside collections of not only paper and plastic but of household green garden and kitchen waste too. Once such a system is in place, many local authorities have then selected to implement alternate weekly collections of recyclable materials, thereby notably reducing weekly collection costs. WLC accepts material generated by kerbside collections and manufactures it into soil enriching compost. WLC is a fully licensed composting facility, and its compost is suitable for use by farmers, landscape gardeners, tree surgeons and the general public for example.

Environmentally friendly and odourless composting facilities

WLC is an experienced provider of composting green waste and as such has invested much time and effort into the research of efficient waste recycling. As a result of its in-depth investigations, WLC utilises in vessel composting technology. This technology is particularly suited for the composting of bulk quantities of household food and green garden waste, cleanly and quickly. Simply speaking, in vessel composting facilities are made up of large, fully enclosed containers where air flow and temperature is carefully controlled. With these two elements vigilantly balanced, WLC’s in-vessel composting facility is designed to create a virtually odour free composting process that meets all government guidelines and regulations.