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West London Composting - Green waste disposal

Clean and convenient waste management options

There are many initiatives in place to assist local authorities achieve their waste management targets. However, when presented with current and future targets, waste management can be extremely daunting to most. West London Composting (WLC) realises that it is the priority of every municipality and local authority to suggest sustainable means of waste management that can be effectively implemented, in order to optimise the future recycling of waste. Therefore, WLC has designed and perfected a system for clean and efficient waste disposal and manufacture of composting. Composting is recognised as an optimal waste recovery procedure under the Waste Framework Directive. It is a natural and simple way of manufacturing green garden, and household food waste into an environmentally beneficial product. WLC conducts the composting of materials derived from green waste collection, in a controlled, sanitary environment.

Effectively dealing with green waste disposal

Compost is invaluable! The benefits environmentally and socially are innumerable; not only is it a perfect soil conditioner but it will vastly improve soil structure and boost its biological activity. The use of compost derived from green waste disposal notably diverts waste from landfill and therefore green house gas emissions such as methane produced from landfill sites, is drastically reduced. In addition, compost replaces organic matter in the soil. With WLC operating a state of the art composting facility, there really is no need for landfill sites to be topped up with green waste, when the waste can be so easily transformed into valuable compost.

Recycling centres equipped to handle green waste collection

The efficient management of green waste demands up-to-date and intelligent recycling centres. As one of Europe’s leading in-vessel composting facilities, WLC has been researching and perfecting its composting process for a number of years now. The firm recognises that implementing and maintaining an optimum composting facility for the treatment of green waste collection requires a lot of attention.. WLC operates a fully licensed and approved recycling centre and as such it offers an optimum standard of green waste management, manufacturing green waste into nutrient rich compost suitable for use on land.

In vessel composting facilities enhance green waste management

As the name suggests, in vessel composting facilities utilise large containers or vessels for handling the composting process. These specifically designed vessels are designed to compost bulk quantities of waste, enabling an efficient form of green waste management. WLC employs a carefully controlled air and temperature controlled in vessel composting facility to optimise the procedure, whilst ensuring that this constantly aligns with government regulations. As a result, this produces a high quality compost, which comes with the added benefit of being virtually odour free.