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West London Composting - Green waste disposal

Garden waste disposal difficulties

It simply is a fact of life that trees cultivated in urban parks and gardens are subjected to the stresses and strains associated with their surroundings. Whilst some of these strains are natural and are a course of eventual old age, there are still other pressures to include the result of building work, fires and other influences that arise from cohabiting amongst people. It is here that the experienced tree surgeon or arborist can do much for the good of not only the particular tree, but for the safety and enjoyment of the people who live in the vicinity as well. As a result, the problem that then naturally arises is what to do with the leftover green waste. Pruned branches, loose leaves and lopped off logs can all prove difficult to dispose of. In particular, the challenge therefore is finding a clean , environmentally friendly and convenient method of garden waste disposal.

Environmentally friendly garden waste recycling

West London Composting (WLC) has a tailor made facility designed to handle bulk quantities of green waste recycling. WLC first opened this type of facility in order to create an environmentally friendly and efficient way to handle the disposal of green waste. The facility is fully licensed by the Environment Agency and the Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). WLC is licensed to process 50,000 tonne of waste each year. . Located off the M40 in Uxbridge, it is the largest in-vessel facility of its kind in Europe with the express purpose of manufacturing high quality, bulk compost derived from green waste recycling. WLC takes environmental issues and the issue of today’s rapidly depleting landfill sites extremely seriously and are particularly committed to providing local authorities, tree surgeons and landscape gardeners with a reliable method of green garden waste recycling.

A safe destination for green waste collection

Environmentally friendly methods of green waste collection are of top priority to local authorities. DEFRA’s website rightly extols that action needs to be taken on the amount of waste produced. Especially so when remembering that the amount of waste generated each year on a domestic, commercial and industrial level adds up to in the region of 100 million tonnes in the UK alone Really then, considering the available options for recycling this waste, there is no excuse for material generated by green waste collections to be piled into a landfill site.

Green waste removal – sensible options

As a professional trained tree surgeon, you are no doubt concerned with not only green waste recycling, but also with that of the overall welfare of our shrubs, trees, gardens, parks and planet earth. By conscientiously selecting smart methods of garden waste recycling, the benefits environmentally and socially are enormous. WLC will ensure that every item of garden waste disposal is cleanly and efficiently manufactured into invaluable compost. Utilising this as your preferred method of green waste removal means the waste is no longer waste, but a product. This product is compost. As a result, goodness and nutrients are put back into the earth replenishing, the essential minerals needed for a healthier environment.