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Unfortunately we will not be taking any bookings to visit the site this summer. We do hope to resume visits in 2016 so please do contact us again early next year.

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Whilst WLC compost contains useful amounts of all major nutrients, it should be noted that potash and phosphorous are available in significant quantities in year one. Total levels of nitrogen are high compared to alternative compost products. The material also contains significant levels of total potash providing additional agricultural benefit upon application.

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In addition to the major nutrients supplied by the product, there are several agricultural benefits identifiable through the physico-chemical analysis results.

For example, the compost has a typical total organic matter content of 55% and a total carbon content of 32% and will contribute to the soil as an organic conditioner and to the soil nutrient reservoir. The typical bulk density of the compost is around 480g/l. Typical physical properties of the product are outlined here .

Taking into account the amount of organic matter supplied, the plant nutrient content and the reduction in the application of inorganic fertilisers, the compost will provide benefits to both agricultural crops as well as soil texture advantages to any receiving fields.

The amount of compost that would be applied, is below the environmentally limiting levels for nitrogen and phosphate required for crop growth. The organic matter addition will significantly help improve soil structure, in turn improving root growth and subsequent crop yield and in particular, the water retention capacity of most agricultural soils.

A further additional benefit in the reduced need for large applications of inorganic fertiliser, which can be easily leached from the soil profile, thus causing high nitrate levels in water and eutrophication of phosphate.

A copy of the most recent compost analysis is available from our site office
t 01895 634912.

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