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Unfortunately we will not be taking any bookings to visit the site this summer. We do hope to resume visits in 2016 so please do contact us again early next year.

Case studies

Springbridge, Denham, Bucks


Denham-based compost, topsoil and turf supplier Springbridge has been purchasing bulk quantities of 10mm compost from us for a number of years now. The company moved its business across from another supplier once it became evident that we were the only producer in the region manufacturing a quality, PAS100 compost, suitable for blending with soil and with sand.

According to Tom Hawkins, Sales Director at Springbridge: “WLC ticks all the boxes for us. It produces a top rate, accredited product and also offers great customer service. On a typical day we are looking at a delivery of four to five artic loads, and would struggle to think of anyone else in the region capable of keeping up with that kind of demand.”

At Springbridge our 10mm compost is used for a variety of applications. The company sells it either loose or in bags as a soil conditioner/improver; blends it with soil to create a nutrient rich product for landscaping; mixes it with sand to create root-zones for more specialist applications. Springbridge also supplies product to prestige, high value building contracts right through to small, residential private gardens.

“Today’s building sites are increasingly only interested in approved, contaminant-free materials. Testing will often take place on site, and should products not meet the grade, the supplier will end up with a black mark and a host of associated problems. By using WLC’s product, we can be confident that we are working with a high quality solution that meets the most stringent of criteria,” added Hawkins.