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Unfortunately we will not be taking any bookings to visit the site this summer. We do hope to resume visits in 2016 so please do contact us again early next year.

West London Composting - Buying our compost

Compost supplies for all tree surgery operations

Tree surgery and arboriculture is wide and varied in the scope of work that is performed. Today it might be a straightforward pruning of an aged oak, tomorrow structural support of a hollowed yet treasured May tree and the day after the planting and transplanting of both young and established trees. For all these very different activities it should not be disputed that a high quality , compost is essential. Healthy growth and maintenance through nutritious compost mulching is extremely important and widely recognised as an absolute must for the discerning tree surgeon.

Bulk buying difficulties

It is true also that discovering good value, yet high quality compost can be a challenge. And yet finding high quality and economical compost supplies available in bulk can be yet more difficult. West London Composting (WLC) can provide an inexpensive solution to this problem.

WLC is located off the M40 in Uxbridge, Middlesex and is host to one of the largest in vessel composting facilities in Europe. The business began trading in 2004 in a bid to provide local authorities in the UK with a clean, efficient means of recycling organic waste. Production mushroomed, and as a result WLC now processes 50,000 tonne of green garden waste each year, which is manufactured into nutrient rich, high quality compost. WLC is Environment Agency and Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) licensed. Bulk supplies of compost that it manufactures, is approved for use on land.

Waste brought in to WLC for composting is carefully monitored throughout the entire decomposition process; material including green waste is duly decontaminated before being shredded. Once the vessels of organic waste are properly prepared temperature probes are inserted to ensure that the compost reaches required temperature levels. It then undergoes a thorough turning process to ensure it is adequately aerated, keep it aerobic at all times. All in all the result is perfect compost.

Tree mulching solutions

The compost supplies produced by WLC are specifically suited to all applications of horticulture, everything from top dressing to tree mulching, soil conditioning to re-potting or transplanting will all benefit from our compost.

Although WLC welcomes commercial and individual orders of compost, it is recommended that for bulk supplies of compost in particular, orders are placed in advance with WLC’s office, in order for advance arrangements to be made.

Convenient bulk compost

For tree surgeons, arborists and other customers that would like to order large compost supplies this has r ecently been made even more convenient. WLC will now ensure bulk compost delivery using one of its twenty-four tonne capacity articulated lorries. Deliveries can also be made to any location within the UK.